Dr. Elaine Chapman

Dr. Elaine Chapman, Hitchcock Professor of  Biology, came to Illinois College in 1985.
She earned her B.A. at Millikin University, and her Ph.D. in Anatomy at the University of Iowa
Her areas of interest include:
Case-study approaches to science teaching           Epidemiology:
Vector-born diseases                                           Diabetes mellitus
Health Careers Advising                                       Bioethics

Courses  :

          Biology 130.    First Year Seminar.  Issues in International Health

          Biology 208   Developmental Biology.  Spring, 2009

          Biology 260   Issues in International Health.  Spring, 2010

          Biology 315    Anatomy and Physiology I. Fall, 2009 syllabus

          Biology 316   Anatomy and Physiology II. Spring, 2010

          Biology 321   Histology.  Fall, 2009, syllabus

          Biology  401, 402. Senior Seminar

Preparing for the Health Professions at Illinois College

3-2 Advisor, Washington University / Illinois College Program in Occupational Therapy

3-1 Coordinator, St. John's Hospital Laboratory Schools/ I.C. Program in Medical Technology
Chair, Health Professions Advisory Committee

Recent Publications

Professional Affiliations

Personal Interests

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