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Welcome to my Prairie Restoration Web Site!

On this site, I am creating a photo album census of all living things on the Klein Prairie restoration.  I've begun with all plants that bloom.  Most of this prairie is a prairie replanting instead of a prairie remnant restoration.  Approximately two-thirds of the property was in agricultural tillage prior to the prairie replanting.  The prairie replanting began in 1992. 

Prairie Pictures


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Click on any  picture above to go to that prairie photo album.

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Gallery of Nations

People from 64 nations have visited this web site since October 2005.   Click on the gallery link above to view flags from each of these nations.  Welcome to all! We are truly citizens of one global ecosystem! 

Is your nation represented in the gallery?  If not, contact me and I'll put your flag in the gallery.


To contact Kevin Klein, click here. All photography on this site is copyrighted 2005 - 2007 by Kevin Klein.  Photo quality prints and permission for image use may be obtained by contacting the photographer at kklein@ic.edu.

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